10350335_372132882988634_975095725443436818_nOur show house, which is open for viewing shows how, you can have the extra space, extension, granny flat or your very own home you have always dreamed of.

Designed for you by our in house design team and made completely from highest quality timber by our team of master craftsmen. You can now have your new timber home or extra space you want at a fraction of the cost of brinks and mortar.

The housing market today, in terms of bricks and mortar, makes it very difficult for both young people who would like to purchase their own home and, at the other end of the scale, the more mature retired people who really deserve to make good use of their money that is tied up in the equity of their existing property.

If you have the space available your first property as a young couple our timber home option would be, in terms of quality, far beyond your expectations. If you are a mature couple, either retired or considering retirement and looking to release as much equity as you can so that you can enjoy the rest of your lives in comfort and happiness this is the best option for you.

Whether you want to own your first home, extend your existing home, have a guesthouse, a home gym, home office, games room or bar, Moores Barn can design, produce and fit whatever you choose.

You can meet with our design team to discuss your ideas; we will draw up plans for you and take it from there. You can have confidence knowing all our products are designed, produced in our workshop by our highly skilled craftsmen and then delivered and fitted on site.

Please contact us today for a no obligation chat with one of our team who will be happy show you around our show house and discuss plans and pricing with you.